personalized solutions
In this category, we bring science and technology into the brand to help people feel confident about their health. We will be focusing on products, services, education opportunities, and more to achieve the goals.
Health counseling service that provides long-term wellness suggestions.
GNC Counseling helps people to understand their current health condition and potential risks of the occurrence of disease. It provides wellness suggestions to improve their health habits. The suggestions includes managing the food and exercising plan.
Mission Focus
GNC Counseling reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by providing counseling service for wellness suggestions.
BetterHelp, Talkspace
In addition to common health counseling services like providing treatments of diseases, GNC Counseling formulates personalized therapeutic schedules in order to prevent the occurrence of diseases. It’s about changing the habits instead of taking the medicine.

TOP: Our consultant is listening to the problem of a client.
LEFT: Consultants are having a meeting to find the best solutions for clients.
RIGHT: A client is consulting for wellness suggestions.

Personalized prepared meals delivery depending on your health condition.
GNC Meal provides prepared meals depending on one’s health condition and nutrition analysis. It makes personalized meal plans for individuals. It also provides various choices with the same demand of take-in nutrition.
Mission Focus
GNC Meal reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by making personalized meal plans.
Freshly, Home Chef
GNC Meal is based on individual’s need of nutrition. It makes plans based on the scientific analysis. GNC Meal gives you what you really need rather than what you only want. It also offers different options for the same plan.

TOP: A family is having healthy foods provided by GNC Meal.
LEFT: A female is ordering food delivery from GNC Meal.
RIGHT: GNC Meal provides personalized and nutrition-balanced food.

A community for people to share their stories and experience in healthy life building, both online and offline.
GNC Community gets healthy-minded people together to share their successful stories and different experiences. GNC Community has a big group of members both online and offline. The form of online community is group chat.
Mission Focus
GNC Community reinforces our mission of helping people feel confident with their health by sharing successful stories and experiences in healthy life building.
Healthtalk, Ted Talk
GNC Community encourages people to take action by sharing stories and experiences. It creates a platform for people to communicate and help each other to have a deep understanding of building a healthy life.

TOP: A member of our community is sharing his story of building a healthy lifestyle.
LEFT: People make friends in GNC Community and support each other to be confident of their health.
RIGHT: An experienced member is sharing tips with other starters.

A space that records the exercise data for a personalized training plan.
GNC Gym is a space that combines data analysis with a gym. It helps to record the exercise data and make a personalized training plan. It tracks the calorie consumption and health traits to calculate the most optimized fitness and wellness solutions.
Mission Focus
GNC Gym reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by recording and analyzing the training data to help people exercise scientifically and efficiently.
Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness
GNC Gym is specialized in gathering exercise data and making customized training plans.The coach studies the data and traits to give guidance. It’s a high-tech gym that maximizes people’s effort into result.

TOP: A male is exercising in GNC Gym.
LEFT: GNC Gym is a high-tech space that analyzing the training data.
RIGHT: A female is training with the personalized plan we provided.

A personalized and adaptable suit partners with Lululemon that tracks the physical exercise data.
GNC Suit is a high-tech sportswear that partners with Lululemon. The chip inside the suit tracks the exercise data and physical condition. It changes the stretching force and the temperature to optimize the fitness.
Mission Focus
GNC Suit reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by tracking the exercise data and physical condition.
Zenph Smart Fitness Sportswear, Moncler
As a luxury brand, Moncler added the microchips to their apparels for customers to scan and authenticate their goods. Zenph is a garment that tracks your activity like heart rate. But GNC Suit can instantly change the stretching force and temperature.

TOP: GNC Suit boosts your confidence by personalizing sportswear for individuals.
LEFT: The high-tech GNC Suit optimize the fitness, both indoor and outdoor.
RIGHT: A female is practicing yoga with our GNC Suit.

Genetic home testing service that helps
people to learn about their potential risk of disease.
GNC Testing provides genetic testing service. People can do home tests and learn about the potential risk of disease and the ancestry breakdown. People can also get conviction about what actions they need to take to make a lifestyle change.
Mission Focus
GNC Testing reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by providing genetic testing service to help people learn about the potential risk of disease.
23andMe, CircleDNA
Besides providing genetic insights that can help make it easier for people to take action on their health. GNC Testing also helps to make personalized recommendations on what to do to improve their health.
Analyzing the take-in nutrition and amount of exercise and making personalized plans.
GNC Application helps people to analyze the appropriate take-in nutrition and record one’s calories consumption. It takes age, gender, amount of exercise, and current habits into consideration to help people to make adjustment on their healthy habits.
Mission Focus
GNC App reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by making bespoke plans through data recording and analysis.
My Macros, Cronometer
What GNC Tracking App does is more than just tracking your exercise, biometrics and health data. It records data and provides personalized plans, such as calculating the next proper meal time and sleeping time. Besides what’s happening to the body now, people will learn more about why is it happening and how to improve the health condition.
A personalized fitness game partners with Nintendo that tracks your physical exercise data.
GNC Adventure is a fitness game that changes
the mode and intensity depends on the data collected when you’re in the game. The game routine is totally personalized and tracked.
Mission Focus
GNC Adventure reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by customizing the game mode and intensity.
RingFit Adventure, Fitness Boxing
GNC Adventure is different because it analyzes the exercise data and make personalized mode and intensity for individuals.
A smart alarm that reminds you to eat, drink, or sleep to formulate good habits.
GNC Alarm is a smart product that reminds you of the correct schedule to formulate healthy habits. In addition to reminding the time, it will also tell you what kind of food you should eat more, how much more water you should drink today. It’s all based on your data.
Mission Focus
GNC Meal reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by reminding people of correct schedule to formulate healthy routines and eating habits.
Apple Watch, Alexa
GNC Alarm helps to build healthy routines and eating habits based on your own current habits and health conditions. The alarm is set automatically based on data analysis and scientifically calculation.
Exercise training classes that teach fitness class remotely based on your data.
GNC Online Class is a platform that teach fitness training classes remotely based on your exercise data and health condition. It records your health traits and sends the reports to the researcher of GNC Online Class headquarter.
Mission Focus
GNC Online Class reinforces our mission of providing scientific and personalized wellness solutions by having remote fitness classes  based on your health data.
Peloton, Precor
GNC Online Class studies your personal data and make personalized training plans. We take the whole process from making plans to take action using science and technology.


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